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Learn the basics of chess

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Course Overview

Target group:

    7 to 12 years old

About the workshop:

In the face of electronic games, social media, and children's poor attention, many parents find a great way to teach their children the ability to focus, plan, and fair competition.


    Teach the child patience, not to be impulsive, and to use logic before making a decision
    Supports children's ability to focus carefully, no matter what the child's abilities, he will only be able to play by focusing on each movement
    Improves memory capabilities by knowing the rules of movement of each piece
    Develops the child's ability to solve problems, plan and foresight

Workshop Outcomes:

    The child will gain the skill of organizing time because chess is a temporary war
    He will strive to improve himself in the game
    The student is able to deal with failure
    The student has the ability to set goals
    The student has the ability to link learning to life

Lesson requirement:


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