Family Hackathon

A data science competition targeting children to participate with their parents in a data science competition, to create a spirit of cooperation between the child and his family, and to share with his family, gaining knowledge in an atmosphere of fun and competition. Where the parent participates with his child in an integrated program in…

IDEATHON Data Science

A data science competition that includes a group of workshops in the field of data science, data analysis to support decision-making, research mechanisms and sources, and many other workshops, in addition to dialogue sessions and specialized sessions to come up with the idea of a project that serves the community.

Data science for kids workshop

Day Subjects First day Definition of data.Types of data.Methods of data collection.Data Visualization.Mental skills.Entertainment. Second day Inferring the relationship between two variables.Central tendency.The possibilities.Mental skills.Entertainment.


A data science event for children that takes place in one day, where it is provided to the employees of some institutions, whether private or public, as it contains a data science curriculum in addition to some activities in mental skills.