Data Skills for Kids

In the last decade of the past century, the awareness of the field of technology and its importance for both individual and society has grown. In order to achieve that centres ,institutes and specialized offices for training and education in various fields  were established. In this sense, it has become important for the modern technological side to have ample development in society that is equivalent to the world’s trends in order to fulfill their responsible roles which effectively contribute to achieving the policies and strategies of cognitive development and to rise to the level of the blessed renaissance. The future vision of the Academy is to create an environment full of creativity in the various databases, establish advanced Omani human resources with capabilities and skills that can keep up with the technical and technological developments and manage the developments that occure in a highly efficient way, whether locally or internationally.

Public Events


Data science event for children which is held in one day, as it is presented to the employees of some institutions, whether private or public, as it includes data science curriculum in addition to some activities in mental skills.

Hackthon The Family

A data science competition targeting children in partnership with their parents to creates a spirit of cooperation between the child and his family and shares with his family gaining knowledge in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Ideathon Data Science

A data science competition that includes a group of workshops in the field of data science, data analysis to support decision-making, search mechanisms and sources, and many other workshops, in addition to dialogue sessions and specialized sessions to come up with a project idea which serves the community.

Ideathon Data Science

It was presented for the first time in the Oman Science Festival.

Target group

13 – 16 years old

The event's objectives

The competition aims to discover and encourage childish and young talents and draw their attention to the importance of data science and its life applications.

Implementation mechanism

  • Forming different teams that include all the states of Muscat Governorate, where each team has a minimum of 3 students, and no more than 5 teams participate.
  • Implementing a group of workshops in data science, conducting brainstorming sessions , interactive sessions and specialized sessions in several fields.
  • Duration of the competition: 5 days, 4 hours a day.
  • All teams must be present within the mentioned 5 days.

The final product

A presentation contains: The problem, objectives, target group, data, statistical analysis, solution as a project idea!

glance on our Training programs Training programs


Data science program for children ages six to seventeen years to build their competencies in the field of data science. During the building of this program, the focus was on introducing practical and direct application of data science while receiving the implemented workshops, in contrast to what is offered in schools and classrooms.

Mental Skills

They are thinking and intelligence games that aim to develop the mental aspect of the participants, where they are made aware of their fundamentals and how to use them, and then activate the stimulating aspect of competition between the groups of participants.


Using programming languages to analyze and represent the collected data in addition to processing it. It contains an integrated training program in data science using these two languages.


A training program for young and emerging classes in the mechanism of using the drone and its programming in two languages Scratch & Python In collecting and analyzing the data quickly and easily.

3D Pens

An educational program for children on how to print graphs of all their three-dimensional (3D) colors.

Data Science for Kids event DSK

The Aim

Build a generation of youth that are aware of the importance of data sciences and competent to manage, analyze and interpret data to create meaningful information.

The levels

  • The Basic Level (6-9 years).
  • The Intermediate Level (10-14 years).
  • Advance Level (15-17 years).

Activities implementation tools

  • The Lab.
  • My Tablet.
  • The Game Boards.

Students Learn

  • What is data?
  • Why data is important?How do you collect data?
  • How do you make a meaningful graphic representation from your data?
  • How to analyses data?

The outcomes of skills

  • Development of intellectual skills in mathematics and statistical science in an innovative way.
  • Being a self-learner with passion.
  • Gain self-confidence and constructive thinking.

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Data Science Events in 2018-2019

Omani Committee for Mathematics

Oman Convention and Exhibition Center

Ministry of Labor

German University of Technology in Oman

Sultan Qaboos University 

Gulf College

Alseeb Vocational College

Educational and behavioral games

  • Montessori and Data Science.
  • Imagination pioneers.


Data Science Field Science Fiction Stories

This field aims to serve young adults and introduce them to data science using children’s story techniques in science fiction.

Programs for People with Special Needs

Target group

All the blind from 8 to 16 years old.

Program idea

A program in data science for children is offered for three levels, from the first to the third, and the applicants contain the same material as data science for children, but in Braille to suit this category.


  • An integrated course containing 3 levels was prepared for the blind.
  • The course was printed in Braille to be used by all blind participants.
  • A staff that has the ability to deal with the blind has been prepared to implement this program.