Professional Programs (Data Skills)

Data Science Foundation Program

Build Data Science skills with a mix of in-person training and online training.

Machine Learning & AI Hybrid Program

ML and AI are transforming industries because of their ability to perform roles that traditionally required human intervention. These are not just limited to repetitive low-skill jobs but also extend to knowledge industries.

Machine Learning & AI Bootcamp

Advance your career with a certification in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Build the expertise to solve real-world business problems from scratch using Machine Learning and AI techniques with Python.

Analytics Translator Program

The program provides guidelines on what steps one must follow to solve business problems through analytics to help you relate to your business environment, get started & overcome challenges.

Certified NextGen AI Marketeer

Designed by top marketing gurus and Wiley to enable new age marketeers to assess and leverage the potential of AI, to enhance growth and ROI, and serve customers better

Training major





Abdulmajeed Al Subhi GIS specialist

Ahmed Al Rumhi Statisticians

Ahmed Al Rshaidi Programmer

Alkhansa Al Bahri Statisticians

Aisha Al Saqri Mathematician